Manure Management Services 

Manure is a big problem for the County of San Diego. Horse boarding facilities are burdened under exuberant manure disposal and hauling fees. Many facilities have resorted to stockpiling the waste to save money. Soon thereafter, facilities are confronted with odor, fly, and run-off problems. 

As landfills continue to fill-up, dreamers are imagining alternative destinations for waste streams. Agrarian Craft's Manure Management Services provides horse boarding facilities with an economically and ecologically responsible alternative. 

Manure Management Benefits  


Agrarian Craft's Manure Management Services diverts manure from the landfill through operating state-of-the-art composting systems on "Manure Management Sites" located at client horse boarding facilities. Clients will enjoy the following a benefits from contracting with Agrarian Craft: 

  • Significant savings on waste hauling and dump expenses
  • Fuel, water, and electricity subsidy to manure management expenses
  • Regulatory Compliance with County of San Diego Equine Ordinance
    • Stormwater Management Plans
    • Vector Control Programs
    • Odor Minimization Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance with CalRecycling Title 14: Excluded Activities     

Requirements for Manure Management 

  • Relatively flat land to operate a "Manure Management Site"
  • Road access with trailer turn-around to the proposed site   
  • Access to electricity with 20 amp service on site
  • Access to water on site
  • On-site tractor in good working condition with a front-end loader

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