About Us

The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of all.”

—Wendell Berry


Stewarding the earth's most fundamental natural resource— dirt—used to be an artful craft that sustained a symbiotic network of relationships between soil, microorganisms, insects, plants, farmers, ranchers, butchers, merchants, bankers, and consumers alike. Each depend on the health of the soil for nourishment, life, business, and leisure. But this age-old craft of stewarding the earth is rapidly being forgotten. Topsoil that took millennia to form is being depleted of bioactivity and lost to erosion at alarming rates. Quick solutions— deep tilling & synthetic inputs— merely delay and amplify the magnitude of the problem. 

Our world is in desperate need of an agrarian revolution that centralizes life and culture around faithful stewardship of the earth. This type of stewardship ensures a rich, abundant, and vibrant life for all living creatures—humans included. Agrarian Craft seeks to ignite an agrarian revolution in our communities.


Our Commitment: 

Agrarian Craft is a “triple bottom-line” company that strives to generate profit without compromising the livelihood of people or the planet. Our methods are regenerative and our work ethic is dignifying.

  • Planet 
  • People
  • Profit 

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in order to model the example we want to see in the world. 

Agrarian Craft is a licensed C-27 landscape contracting corporation (License # 1043061) in good standing with the State of CA. We are insured and bonded. 



Our Team


Marcos Mujica- President

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Aaron Brinkman- Estimator & Foreman 

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